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The true definition of beauty can only be realized by beholding for some time a magnificent Red Rose or bunch of glowing Gerberas Urbane Bunch of Pink Gerberas. Truly Flowers are the supreme symbol of pure prettiness. The incomparable grace and the mystical fragrance that every individual bloom of this universe possesses make it the ultimate object of amazement for mankind from age-old days till present time. Send Flower Arrangements to Chennai to the ones you adore and let the glee of receiving flowers get a bit more enhanced in their lives.

Blossoms always fit best as tokens to pronounce the word of heart to an exclusive one or to shower affection over a friend or to remember a long-distanced cherished person. The inherent refinement and the natural beguile of the blooms perfectly embellishes the texture of the relation that the giver shares with the meant-for recipient. Other than any high-priced material tokens, Flowers as presents Expressive Mixed Carnations Arrangement always signify the chaste value that the sender attaches to the bond with the receiver and that is the reason of them being the foremost choice of human society as gifts to bestow close ones with. Anthurium, Chrysanthemum, Daisy, Gerbera, Liliy, Magnolia, Orchid, Rose, Tulip, Zinnias are the celebrated flowers that are mostly elected as Floral Gifts.


The celebrated Tropical Flower Anthurium is a native of the tropical zones of North Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico. Called as the Tail Flower (In Greek ‘Anthurium’ = Tail Flower), Anthurium Beautiful bouquet of Birds of Paradise and Anthuriums is a radiant red blossom with a heart-like pattern. This bloom grows as a bulged-out covering from a fleshy spike which contains the real tiny blooms. For this bulging-out shape and for the glowing red hue, this bloom, also entitled as the Flamingo Flower, looks like a colorful human tongue and thus is further given the name of Painted Tongue. Tail Flower out-blooms in nature in the red shade, but can be bred in nearly every shade of red. The tall stems of the Anthurium flowering plant reach the scale of almost 15-20 inches, in accordance with the dimension of the bulged-out covering, that is larger the covering is, more taller is the stem. The stems are also of chromatic design such as yellowish, orangish, greenish, whitish and pinkish. Flamingo Flower is very much preferred in the market of cut flowers given to its long-running vase life of 6 weeks. But one thing should be kept in mind that the Tail Flower is a seriously poisonous bloom whose touch given itching feeling to skin and whose by-chance consumption can become the cause of grave stomach ailments.

Flamingo Flower requires land that is well-drenched and is organically enriched to thrive and can be harvested by any of these 4 processes of seeds, fertilization, tissue culture and vegetative reproduction. The method of mulching is the cardinal requirement for cultivating of the Tail Flower plants. Anthurium grows good in ambiences with sufficient indirect light, but cannot live under direct sunlight as its leaves become burnt under direct sunlight. One more criteria required for the nurture of the Painted Tongue is balancing the right time-gap in-between giving water to it and allowing its roots to get dry. Less water withers the roots and hampers growth of the Flamingo flower plants and excess water rots the roots. Hence the correct balance is highly required. Holland is the largest cultivator and exporter of the Anthuriums as covetable house plants.

In India, the state of Mizoram observes the out-blooming of the Painted Tongue blossom during the months of September and October through a 3 day cultural fete of flower show, art fair, tribal dances and music and fashion ceremonies. Mizoram’s Reiek Village, located at the foothills of the Reiek Mountain in Mizoram, plays host to this fiesta that is recognized as the Anthurium festival.


Cardinally a tropical flower Chrysanthemum is indigenous to the lands of Eurasia. Originally of color golden, this flower possesses an ornate pompon texture and is Japan’s most popular flower. Called by the name of “Kikus” in Japan, the name of Chrysanthemum is made up of the two Greek Words of 'Chrys' (= Golden) and 'Anthemon' (= Flower). It is believed that Chrysanthemum was first bred in Japan during the time-phase of 15th Century B.C essentially as a flowering herb.

Adored by the nickname of ‘Mums’, Chrysanthemums are the utmost pretty perennial flowering plants which begin flowering along with the emergence of the season of fall. ‘Mums’ are also popular as the chosen bloom of the November month.

The blossoms of Chrysanthemum get composed by innumrable solitary flowers that are called florets. The disk florets are in the center of the flower head and the ray florets encircle them. The string of ray florets are of shades yellow, white and red. The disc florets are mainly of yellow hue.

The bright Chrysanthemum, in its original golden shade, is venerated by the Japanese culture as the sun’s symbol. At the time of the 8th century, the Japanese Emperor gave the ‘Mums’ the honor of being his official logo. The manners in which the disk and ray florets are laid-out divide the Chrysanthemum into the following 4 types:

Irregular Incurves - The Disk florets remain concealed in layers of curved ray florets that bent down to make a skirt-like texture.

Reflex Form - The disk florets are enclosed and the ray florets make an outward reflex thereby displaying a mop-shape design.

Pompon Form - A fully double-sized elliptical constitution.

Anemone Form - The spoon-shaped disk florets possess an enlrged composition hiding the ray florets that own the pattern of a spatula.

Spider Form - The disk florets are obscured and the ray florets have a tubular shape with twisted and sharpened ends. The ray florets are affixed loosely surround the stem.

Various colors of Chrysanthemums say:

White Chrysanthemums > Wholesome and stainless truth

Red Chrysanthemums > Eternal phrase of ‘I Love You’

Yellow Chrysanthemums > Wounded Love

White/Blue/Green Chrysanthemums > Apt for attending or sending thoughts during Condolence Times


Swaying minds with their dainty white petals and a tender yellow or blue core , Daisies are inherent to the lands of North and Central Europe and to the warm areas of the America and Australasia. Popularly picked for both gardening and gifting, Daisies blossom just at the moment of dawn. The name 'Daisy' is regarded to be derived from the Old English 'Daes Eag' that means 'Day's Eye'.

The Daisy flower Magnificent Bouquet of Bright Seasonal Flower out-blooms during the time of early to mid-summer. This flower is basically composed of two flowers. The white petals are considered to be one single flower and the yellow or blue bosom, forming an ‘eye’, is taken to be the another flower. Daisies can be grown in both sunlight and shady ambiences with ideal temperature conditions of above -30 °F (-34 °C) and well-drained soil and does not require much maintenance and are since the most preferred ones to grow in gardens.

Daisies come from the family of 'vascular plants' which constitute almost 10% of all flowering plants on Earth. Daisies also possess certain remedial attributes like stopping bleeding, soothing indigestion and removing coughs. Homeopathy utilizes the Daisy flower for relieving pains of back areas.

The two very heard sorts of Daisies are:

Shasta Daisy - Getting its name from California’s volcano mountain Mount Shasta, this white-petal flower is a top pick for making groundcovers in gardens and for making nice flower arrangements.

African Daisy - Out-blooming during the time of April till August, this flower is also called by the name of ‘Goddess of the Sun’ for its eye-affecting brightness. Also titled as the African Cape Marigold, this flower, offering itself in the colors of apricot, orange, yellow and white, closes during night and clouds and opens up only in times of wholesome sunlight. This highly eminent and really admired wild flower endorses the vibes of morality, virtue, total trust and loyalty. The White Daisy suits finely to compliment a 5th year marriage anniversary.


A soft perennial flowering plant, Gerbera is a crossbreed flower. It is grown in the colors of pink, dark red, bright yellow, vivid scarlet, orange and faddish yellow. Indigenous to the lands of tropical Asia, Africa, South America and Madagascar, Gerbera has made a name in the market of cut Flowers (5th in popularity after Carnation,Chrysanthemum,Rose and Tulip) and is also widely sought-after as ‘Bouquet Flowers’.

4 renowned sorts of Gerberas are:

Single Flower Gerberas - These Blooms own a length of non-overlying ray florets/petals and a green median or disc florets.

Double/Duplex Flower Gerberas - These Blooms own a double length of overlying petals and a green, black, or dark red, green or black center-point.

Crested Double Flower Gerberas - These Blooms own 2 lengths of overlying petals with 1 or more inside rows of minute petals and a black, dark red eye or green center.

Full Crested Double Flower Gerberas - These Blooms own a full overlying length of petals and a little row inside, thus securely covering the bosom.

This Flower has a big Capitulum with awe-rising, two-rim ray florets in colors of white, pink, yellow, orange, or red and the Capitulum, looking alike a solitary Bloom, is made up with hundreds of singular Blossoms. The Flower heads of Gerbera scales from 7 cm (called as Gerbera Mini 'Harley') in dimension to 12 cm (called as Gerbera ‘Golden Serena’).

Gerbera Bouquet of Beautiful Assorted Brightly Hued Gerberas composition is taken as the correct Flower organism for floral formation studies. Gerberas are also renowned as Gerbera Daisies, because Daisy is a common suffix given after all plants types that derive their origin from the Asteraceae plant family. For originating from the same plant family, Gerbera gets the suffix of ‘Daisy’. Barberton Daisy, Ghostly Daisy, Transvaal Daisy, and Hilton Daisy are some of the noted Gerbera Blooms.

Gerbera dwells finely in zones which are wet but are not fully soaked. The Hybrid Gerberas, created through tissue culture, are the enduring ones that open their petals in the darkness—thus becoming a desirable choice for floral array of the domestics.

Bright Pink Gerbera Daisies are very famous floral tokens for expressing admiration and admiration to mothers during the phase of Mother’s Day.


The Lily flower is honored as the world’s fourth most preferred Bloom. This bloom is highly selected as Vase Flowers, Garden Flower Beds, Shrub Borders, Tinsel Plants and Bouquet Flowers. Lily blossom is also a top-pick for adorning the rims and edges of pool sides in a style of making natural embellishments.

The Lily Spirited Bouquet of Engrossing Lilies is generally bred in the colors of yellow, white and orange. The following 6 types are the popularly acknowledged Lilies:

Stargazer Lilies - Flowering at the time of late summer, Stargazer Lilies stand out by the trait of their angelic incense.

Casablanca Lilies - Flowering at the time of the fall, Casablanca Lilies are famous for their spell-binding white color.
(Both a & b are natively Oriental and are the most chosen ones for patterning Floral collections.)

Calla Lilies - Flowering at the time of the second half of Spring, Calla Lilies are mainly picked as flowering plants in pots and as décor-pieces of bedside tables. Inherent to the lands of South Africa, Calla Lilies (Greek “Calla”= Beautiful) are essentially cultivated in shades of green, pink, purple, yellow and orange.

Lily of the Valley - These are the dreamy and chic Lilies that own the shape of a bell and out-bloom on a large amount at one individual time. This variety is bred through-over the wondrous coast-line of Santa Barbara, California and faith takes it to be the drops of tears of Eve. Lily of the Valley is also honored as the ‘the Stairs of Heaven’ for possessing an entrancing aroma which surrounds the environ for one complete cycle of day and night.

Tiger Lilies - These are the bountiful and glimmering Lilies of color orange that dwell in the water ditches across the U.S.A. Tiger Lilies own tiger-pattern streaks over their petals and thus derive their name. This variety has an unique soft fragrance.

Eucharis Lilies - Eucharis Lilies possess a bright white texture and a greenish or yellowish mid-point. They are native to the hot zones of Central and South America and thereby are also called as Amazon Lilies. In look these Lilies resemble like the pretty Daffodil Flowers and own a stimulating essence.

Various colors of Lily say:

White Lily > Discreetness and Prudence, House-Warming Party Present (when arranged in Vases).

Orange Lily > Rectitude.

Yellow Lily > Gladful Wishes, Happy Birthday Message for intimate ones.

Lily of the Valley > Virgin Mary’s Tears, Immense Jubilation, a Knowledgeable Heart’s Symbol.

Calla Lily > Precision, Creamy Ivory Calla Lilies > Floral Frills for the tables and walls of a wedding ceremony.

Eucharis Lily > Emblem of Femininity’s Charm.

Tiger Lily > Phases of opulence and splendor.

Easter Lily > Floral Depiction of Virgin Mary.

Arrangement of Blue, Yellow and Red Lilies > Graduation Day Wishes, Greetings for a wholesome future.

White/Blue/Green Lilies > Condolence Event.

The Lily is truly a much craved-for and so graceful Bloom.


Within the bio-diverse world, Magnolia is the utmost ancient flowering plant. It is inherent to the areas of North and Central America and West Indies. Magnolia derives its name from the name of the French botanist Pierre Magnol. This bloom grows up to a broadness of 3-12 inches in diameters and in hues of purple, white and pink. The distinctive feature of this flower is that it doesn’t create honey (since it is constituted with petal-like tepals and not with actual petals and sepals) and give birth to huge numbers of pollens. For the fact of appearing prior to the bees, Magnolia can only be pollinated by the beetles and not by the bees. A North American primitive, the Southern Magnolia Flowering plant scales up to a dimension of 50 feet.

The American States of Louisiana and Mississippi acclaim Magnolia to be their official state Flower. Mississippi is entitled as the "Magnolia State" and the American city of Houston is celebrated as "The Magnolia City" for the profusion of Magnolias through-over the Buffalo Bayou. The incense Magnolia, is also well-known as Siebold’s Magnolia (Magnolia Sieboldii) and is further North Korea’s national Flower. Vintage Chinese medicine used the buds and bark of the Magnolia plant for pacifying angiogenic and anxiety disorders. It is also regarded as useful for healing lung ailments, chest clogging, muscle stiffness and stomach problems.

Various colors of Magnolia say:

Magnolias (all colours) > Life’s Womanly Dynamics.

White Magnolia > Virtue, Glory, the logo of Moon or any lunar Goddess and Monday Wizardry.

Yellow Magnolia > Logo of Sun or any solar Goddess or God and for Sunday Wizardry.

Pink Magnolia > Emblem of love Goddesses like Venus or Aphrodite and the depiction of womanliness, passion and mate-hood.

Purple Magnolia > Symbol of Roman majesty and supernaturally believed to positively affect government achievements.


Orchid is the exquisite tropical Flowering plant that owns an unique curled-at-the-top texture and radiant petals measuring up to 30 inches. It is a luminous bloom that is inherent to the temperate zones of Australia’s southern part and to the other tropical zones of the earth. One true mark of liveliness, Orchid Elegant Touch of Love Orchids in Glass Vase never fails to arrest the thoughts of flower-lovers and is always, be it the old time or the present time, a fit choice of gift for life’s special one.

The 2 prevalent sorts of Orchids are:

Monopodial Orchids - They are composed of a middle stem for growth and no false Flowering bulbs. In these plants, Flowers are created from the stems amidst the leaves.

Symbodial Orchids - They are made up with a Rhizome that initiates a shoot’s birth. This shoot consequently transforms into a stem and with time from it the green foliage and blooms get created. The base of this growth lets to the creation of another new shoot and the alike process keeps on repeating.

Orchid is the most known exotic Bloom and is much preferred as a present for messaging to an individual the felt-for admiration for the one’s elegance and personality. Orchid is also the symbol of a true ‘Pretty Woman’ and the perfect messenger of the feeling of being sorry. Its long-term enduring capability makes it the perfect messenger. Gifting Orchids on the first date is believed to be a gesture of thoughtfulness and reverence for the recipient. At the time of Father’s Day, falling on the 3rd Sunday of every June, Orchid bloom makes a fine token to gift and to express regards and heartiness for one’s father.


The unworldly example of attraction and grace, the Rose bloom is doubtlessly the most prevalent flower in the world. This bloom derives its name from the Latin Term “Rosa” and is indigenous to the northern areas of Persia. In contemporary times, Rose is harvested in abundance in Netherlands. This flower is principally cultivated in the hues of red, white, yellow, pink and purple and ranges from the climber breeds of 7 meters height to the diminutive sorts.

The Rose bloom Charming and Chic Dutch Rose Bouquet owns an astonishing glamour, an enticing smoothness and a seducing aroma. The 3 eminent varieties of Roses are:

Species Rose - The Species Rose is a psychedelic 5-petal bloom, which blossoms only for one single time at summer. It is also called by the name of Wild Species Rose.

Old Garden Rose - Essentially a plant vine variety, this bloom grows mainly in bushes and can survive both the seasons of winter and summer. It is bred in shades of pastel and white and owns an awe-inspiring incense. Example: China Rose, Damask Rose and Tea Rose

Modern Rose - It is mainly a crossbreed within the Polyanthus (a Primrose type) and the Hybrid Tea Rose. This hybrid bloom was first harvested after the year of 1867 and is bred in different shining and intense shades Example: Grandiflora Roses and Floribunda Roses

When it comes to the sale and buy of Roses, Rosa rugosa (Latin ‘rugosa’ =‘wrinkled’) is the utmost popular Species Rose for the purpose. This bloom out-blooms at spring season and owns petals which are a little crumpled. Originating in East Asia, Rosa is bred in shades of white and dark pink and is endowed with a delightful essence.

Various colors of Roses say:

White Rose > Expression of Ethics, Justness, Candor, Entitled as Bridal Rose for being the Prime Flower for the Bride on the nuptial day.

Yellow Rose > Mate-hood, Spiritual Bond, Enthusiasm and Allegiance, Token for attending House-Warming Party.

Red Rose > The immortal Sign of Profound Emotions such as Longing, Love or Passion, Ever-Popular Conveyor of Love and Preferred Valentine’s Day Present within committed couples. Belief remains that this Bloom’s 5 Red Petals are the bruises that Jesus Christ beared at the time of His torture.

Orange Rose > Gallantry, Fancy and Prestige, Envoy of Love.

Pink Rose > Representation of Love’s First Feel; Light Pink Rose depicts Humanity and Values; Deep Pink Rose messages “Thank You” and “I Owe You” to a person whose support has mattered in life; Pale Pink Rose delivers heart-felt emotions to the near ones of a person who has passed away.

Lavender Rose > Logo of Majesty, Urge and Attraction, Choice Valentine’s Day Prsent within new-to-love duets.

Green Rose > Harmony and Repose, Messages “Wish You A Healthy and Prosperous Life”.

Christmas Rose > Yields Confidence in minds that agony will be abolished.

Damask Rose > Innovation and Buoyancy, Persian Ambassador of Love.

Garden Rose > Enigma and Imagination.

Wild Rose > Frankness.

Cream Rose > Flawless First Date Souvenir.

Tea Rose > Never-Ending Recollections.

Rosebuds utter:

White Rosebud > Endorses Girlhood.

Moss Rosebud > Disclosing Love to Beloved

Red Rosebud > Sign of Anything that is chaste and thought-gripping

And more:

A Rose-Crown glorifies the victory of a champion.

Twosome of Red and White Roses certifies the union among two love-souls.

A full-blossomed Rose Bouquet delivers the words of true gratitude from the giver to the receiver.

25 Red Roses are for complimenting an individual, 12 Red Roses say “I want to be with You Forever” and 1 single Red Rose always voices “I Am in Love with You”.

1 single White Rose exemplifies Virtuous Emotions.

1 single Yellow Rose symbolizes the endeavor to begin a new friendly relation.

1 single Pink Rose stands for endearment.

1 single Orange Rose says “Proud to have You in Life”.

1 single Lavendar Rose speaks “I am obssessed with You”.

When a Rose is accepted from a person with the right hand, it means “I think the Same like You” and when this same blossom is accepted with the left hand, it means “I don’t think like You”.

Roses of shade Pink and Red (since they stand for long-lasting intimacy and emotions) are always chosen to wish two people “Happy Marriage Anniversary”.


Tulip Long Lasting – Colourful Tulips is a voluminous and colorful flower that is composed of 6 petals. It is a native of the areas of Siberia, China and Central Asia and is the vintage logo of the Ottoman dynasty. This bloom is cultivated in an array of shades and is the 3rd most-known bloom of this world. Human society highly cherish this truly pleasurable bloom of spring.

Relative to their phase of blossoming, Tulips are of 3 sorts:

Early Flowering Tulips: These Tulips blossom at March and early April.

Midseason Flowering Tulips: These Tulips blossom at April and early May.

Late Flowering Tulips: These Tulips blossom definitely in the month of May.

Various colors of Tulips say:

Tulip (all colors) > Warm and Hearty Affection.

White Tulip > “How Much I value You!” Classic White Fresh Touch Dutch Tulip Bouquet is top-choice for wedding ceremonies.

Red Tulips > “My Heart Beats For You”, Valentine’s Day Present among Duos who are married or in commitment for long time.

Yellow Tulips > “How Bright and Glowing Your Smile Is!” Happy Birthday Greetings.

Pink/Violet Tulips > Right Choie for First.

Multicolored Tulips > “Your Eyes are So Alluring!”.


The Zinnia flower is a cherished one of the butterflies and is also preferred as the flower to grow in gardens. It owns an out curved design and originates in the lands of Mexico, Central America and Southwest United States. This bloom is named so after the German botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn and is harvested in diverse hues of white, yellow, pink, orange, lilac, red and purple. Zinnia Charming Colorful Seasonal Flower Basket out-blooms during mid-summer and continue to out-bloom till the winter. Its definite inheritance is the moisture-less grasslands of Southwestern U.S.A to South America.

The flowering plant of Zinnia belongs to both the varieties of annual Flowering shrubs and sub-shrubs. It scales from 10 to 100 cm in height (4" to 40") and is made up of upright stems but stalk-less leaves. The leaves are of horizontal patterns as well as of egg shape that feature in shades of shallow to standard green. Zinnia thrive good in zones where there is abundance of sunlight and the land is humus-rich, fertile and well-soaked.

The 2 known-of kinds of Zinnias are:

Zinnia Elegans - Called chiefly as Zinnia Violacea, this is the most eminent type that is indigenous to the warm areas of Mexico. The plant has sandy leaves that feature a sword-like texture. These leaves scale from 15cm to 1 meter.

Zinnia Angustifolia - This is another a Mexican type that has a low bushy texture and linear foliage in a linear pattern. The Blooms of this plant are delicate than Zinnia Elegans and feature in hues of yellow, white or orange.

Various colors of Zinnias say:

Zinnia (all colours) > Recall of a mate who is separated.

White Zinnias > Real Dignity.

Yellow Zinnias > Routine Nostalgia of a Dear One.

Magenta Zinnias > Time-after-Time Adoration.

Scarlet Zinnias > Competence in Life.

In parallel to these so far described astoundingly lovely blossoms of nature, hand-created synthetic flowers have also made their exclusive mark in the contemporary world society as souvenirs to gift during definite occasions and as items to decorate households.

This artistic idea of creating synthetic flowers was fairly preeminent in the classical civilizations of China, Egypt, Italy, Rome and South America. In the ancient Chinese culture rice-papers were selected to design the synthetic flowers and the society of old Egypt chose stuffs like colorful linen material and stained shredding of animal horn to shape these artworks. The community of classical Italy crafted the synthetic flowers from the cocoons of silkworms and the ancient culture of Rome chose gold and silver to texture the same. Bright fibers of feathers of birds were the choice of the South Americans during the bygone days to pattern these decorative objects. In consequence of the emergence of the 18th century, this creative skill gained reputation across the world cardinally for the estimable artistry of the French craftsmen who got enlightened about this riveting expertise from the people of Italy. England got acknowledged about this inventiveness from the French immigrants in the land and in no time this faculty became famous in the United States.

In the current world society elements such as plastic molds, clay, paper, porcelain, leather and silk are picked by artisans to actualize delightful designs of synthetic flowers. Not following the age-old procedures, frames made of wire are used as the base structure for patterning these décor-pieces and above them the main element such as clay, plastic molds etc are given shape to design the fancy synthetic flowers. Enduring, low-priced and anti-allergic, the Long Lasting Flowers Extraordinary Contrast Arrangement have are nowadays popular as heart-pleasing gifts to endow endeared ones with and further as urbane house-decorating items to groom up homes.

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