5 Best Valentine's Day Stay At Home Activities

Valentine's Day is the celebration of love and every soul who believes in this deepest pristine emotion feels special on V-Day. From romantic getaways to dinner dates, noisy dance-floor parties to long queues outside the movie hall, every effort is made to make the occasion memorable. Love-couples, friends and dear ones exchange gifts, flowers and cards to commemorate this day. But impressing your significant other with a perfect date night can be stressful at times. This 2021 Valentine's Day, let's do something special with our partner, kids or any family member by simply staying at home and unleashing the creative side of yourself to make a lifetime sweet memory of this day. 

Plan an indoor picnic - Get your basket ready and unpack it on the side table of your cozy corner of the living space. Few drinks to go with it and the favourite music playing in the background will make for the perfect V-Day evening with your romantic partner or someone you love. Time will fly and before you realize, you would have had the best indoor picnic, free from bugs and mosquitoes.

Cook your favourite meal with your spouse - Re-kindle the spark in your relationship and go back to your honey-moon period by having a romantic dinner date with something that you cooked together. No matter what your meal looks or tastes like, the fun of cooking it together over a glass of red-wine and romantic songs playing in the background will make for the most lovey-dovey V-Day ever.

Popcorn & Movie Night - Chill out in front of the television with your favourite streaming service. Pick out the best shows or movies and have the most relaxing V-Day with your romantic partner or family members.

DIY crafts - Get the kids and their friends involved in creative craft making to teach them the essence of love, friendship and bonding. Use eco-friendly materials to create the most beautiful hand-print crafts that you can frame later as a memento of the extraordinary V-Day celebrated with kids.

Dance along with Brunch - Make a sumptuous and filling breakfast with the best dishes you can think off and enjoy it with your significant other in bed. After this delicious breakfast in bed, read each other your favourite story and relive the good old days. For later, pour in a glass of your favourite liquor and dance with your partner to the tune you both fell in love with.

Get to know each other better - A break from the hum drum of life can be refreshing. And when it is for someone you love, nothing better! This V-Day stay on the couch with your lover partner and learn more about each other. You'd be surprised to realize how little you've known about the person you love so much!

Video Game Challenger - Unpack all the vintage video gates from your attic and unleash the child inside you by playing a video game marathon. Challenge your friends, partner or significant other to a game and celebrate V-Day with fun and frolic.

Celebrate Valentine's Day with these epic ideas in mind and who knows, this may turn out to be one of your favourite V-Day ever!

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Posted on: 1/14/2021 11:44:27 AM

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