5 Fun Activities to Celebrate Rakhi at Home(part 2)

4. Relive the memories

The moments betweenbrothers and sisters are a treasure. No one can bring them back, and nothingelse can replace the bond. Use this auspicious occasion to relive yourchildhood days. Dig into your old albums and talk about those beautiful days.Ask your parents how you both teased and fought with each other and made thehome a little battlefield. Brother-sister fights are so lovable, aren't they?

  Gift tip:

5. Make any DIY Rakhi gift for yourbrother 

Try your hand atmaking a Rakhi gift for your brother. You could use jute, handmade paper,cardboard, or any other eco-friendly materials to create gifts for yourbrother. It could be a memorable way to surprise your sweetest brother onRakhi. No time to make a gift? Fret not. Check the gift tip below.

  Gift tip: Choose an expressRakhi gift and surprise your brother.


Happy Rakhi to youand your family!

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