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The true definition of beauty can only be realized by beholding for some time a magnificent Red Rose or bunch of glowing Gerberas Urbane Bunch of Pink Gerberas. Truly Flowers are the supreme symbol of pure prettiness. The incomparable grace and the mystical fragrance that every individual bloom of this universe possesses make it the ultimate object of amazement for mankind from age-old days till present time. Send Flower Arrangements to Chennai to the ones you adore and let the glee of receiving flowers get a bit more enhanced in their lives.

Blossoms always fit best as tokens to pronounce the word of heart to an exclusive one or to shower affection over a friend or to remember a long-distanced cherished person. The inherent refinement and the natural beguile of the blooms perfectly embellishes the texture of the relation that the giver shares with the meant-for recipient. Other than any high-priced material tokens, Flowers as presents Expressive Mixed Carnations Arrangement always signify the chaste value that the sender attaches to the bond with the receiver and that is the reason of them being the foremost choice of human society as gifts to bestow close ones with. Anthurium, Chrysanthemum, Daisy, Gerbera, Liliy, Magnolia, Orchid, Rose, Tulip, Zinnias are the celebrated flowers that are mostly elected as Floral Gifts.


The celebrated Tropical Flower Anthurium is a native of the tropical zones of North Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico. Called as the Tail Flower (In Greek 'Anthurium' = Tail Flower), Anthurium Beautiful bouquet of Birds of Paradise and Anthuriums is a radiant red blossom with a heart-like pattern. This bloom grows as a bulged-out covering from a fleshy spike which contains the real tiny blooms. For this bulging-out shape and for the glowing red hue, this bloom, also entitled as the Flamingo Flower, looks like a colorful human tongue and thus is further given the name of Painted Tongue. Tail Flower out-blooms in nature in the red shade, but can be bred in nearly every shade of red. The tall stems of the Anthurium flowering plant reach the scale of almost 15-20 inches, in accordance with the dimension of the bulged-out covering, that is larger the covering is, more taller is the stem. The stems are also of chromatic design such as yellowish, orangish, greenish, whitish and pinkish. Flamingo Flower is very much preferred in the market of cut flowers given to its long-running vase life of 6 weeks. But one thing should be kept in mind that the Tail Flower is a seriously poisonous bloom whose touch given itching feeling to skin and whose by-chance consumption can become the cause of grave stomach ailments.

Flamingo Flower requires land that is well-drenched and is organically enriched to thrive and can be harvested by any of these 4 processes of seeds, fertilization, tissue culture and vegetative reproduction. The method of mulching is the cardinal requirement for cultivating of the Tail Flower plants. Anthurium grows good in ambiences with sufficient indirect light, but cannot live under direct sunlight as its leaves become burnt under direct sunlight. One more criteria required for the nurture of the Painted Tongue is balancing the right time-gap in-between giving water to it and allowing its roots to get dry. Less water withers the roots and hampers growth of the Flamingo flower plants and excess water rots the roots. Hence the correct balance is highly required. Holland is the largest cultivator and exporter of the Anthuriums as covetable house plants.

In India, the state of Mizoram observes the out-blooming of the Painted Tongue blossom during the months of September and October through a 3 day cultural fete of flower show, art fair, tribal dances and music and fashion ceremonies. Mizoram's Reiek Village, located at the foothills of the Reiek Mountain in Mizoram, plays host to this fiesta that is recognized as the Anthurium festival.

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