Five Trending Anniversary Cakes for Boys

1. Heart shaped Cakes : Spread your joy with a heart shaped cake on your anniversary. Available in customized flavors, you can surprise the boy dear to your heart or celebrate your own anniversary in a memorable way with heart shaped cake.

2. Photo cakes : Getting photo printed on cakes is a trend in practice. But do you know that printing photos such as in cricket costume or while playing with a puppy or when the boy is receiving an award or playing chess in a tournament etc. can create unforgettable cake cutting experiences. Get in touch with our cake experts to choose the best personalized photo cake for your anniversary.

3. Kiwi Cakes : The recent entrees into the cake domain, Kiwi cakes are winning everyone's heart with its unbeatable flavor. They look rich and eye pleasing too. The topping on the cake enhance its beauty and gives the ultimate celebratory experience.

4. Chocolate Cakes : An evergreen hit among cake lovers, Chocolate Cakes are now available in many designs and toppings. Your customized message in cream on the top of the cake will give it a comprehensive experience and will make the day of your dear ones. 

5. Tiered cakes : Do you know 2 or 3 Tier Cakes are the best way to give a delicious shape to your wish? You can get tiered cake designed like cricket ground or chess board or guitar or anything that is in your dear ones heart. Order a tiered cake for your boy's anniversary and see the glitter in his eyes.

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Posted on: 1/25/2020 8:15:42 AM

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