Movies to watch on Father's Day

Paa (Hindi)

Paa is oneof the finest Hindi movies that depict a father's love. The director Balki andthe actors Amitabh and Vidya Balan did their best in delivering this finestmovie that stays forever on the list of top movies to watch on Father's Day.

Taken (English)

One of themarvels of the movies in the Father-daughter genre, Taken is a thriller thatshows how a father saves her daughter despite the size of the threat. Thismovie has set its own benchmark in the world of movies. 

Piku (Hindi)

Fathersturn old and their habits tend to irritate. That should not make us love themany lesser. Piku teaches us this beautiful moral. A father-daughter relationbeautifully portrayed by Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone, this is anothergreat movie to watch on Father's Day.

Minari (English)

Fathers cango through any extreme hardship to secure their children's future. Minari is atouching story that shows this in a beautiful way. How a father toils his bestwithout losing optimism is what Minari all about.

Abhiyum Naanum (Tamil)

Everydaughter leaves her father after marriage. This is one of the heart-wrenchingmoments for any father. Abhiyum Naanum is a story about a father who ispossessive about her daughter and cannot imagine living without her. It's agreat movie that brings the emotions out from every father and daughter.

Dangal (Hindi)

Everysuccessful girl has a motivating father behind her. Dangal depicts how a fatherhailing from a village becomes responsible for his daughters' success in aninternational arena. A must-watch film for every daughter-father duo onFather's Day.

Drishyam (Malayalam)

Thisthriller movie is made in most Indian languages. The storyline is thatcompelling. How a father saves his daughter and family despite all the odds.One of the marvellous Father's day movies that you should not miss.

Raja Rani (Telugu)

A daughtercan share anything with her father. He is his first and best friend. Raja Raniis a movie beautifully carved around a daughter and father. Actor Satyaraj as afather takes this Father's Day movie to an altogether next level.

Chhichhore (Hindi)

A moviethat shows how a father teaches his son that failure is not everything in life.This movie explains how parents should deal with children and the role of afather in instilling confidence in them.

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