Puthandu Celebrations

Puthandu is the festival that marks the beginning of Tamil New Year. It is celebrated with devotion and joy by all Tamilians across the world and specifically in India. Falling on the first day of the Chittirai month, Puthandu has its own tradition and way of celebrations.

Puthandu - Customs, Rituals and Traditions

Puthandu marks the beginning of New Year for Tamilians. Hence they trust that this day should be celebrated with tradition and devotion.

The day before Puthandu, they clean their homes and get rid of all the clutter. This is to mark that old is gone and welcoming new and fresh into their lives.

On the day of Puthandu, the entrances of houses are decorated with colourful rangolis to welcome auspiciousness into homes. It is a tradition to open the eyes as soon as one wakes up and see a plate called Kanni, that contains betel leaves, pumpkins, coconuts, areca nuts and cucumbers. Some people add money and flowers too to this plate. They believe that seeing this as the first thing on Puthandu day brings in luck and prosperity.

After this ritual, they take bath possibly in rivers or open water, or take head bath at home and wear new clothes. They then perform puja at home, and take the blessings of elders. 

Puthandu is marked for its special recipes such as Mango pickle, sweets and dishes are prepared such that all the flavours of taste - sweet, sour, spice, bitter and salt - are felt to the taste buds. This represents a wholesome life filled with all sorts of experiences.

People also offer 'tarpan' (salutations) to their ancestors on this day.

Puthandu Celebrations in Temples

Temples all across Tamil Nadu celebrate this festival with grandeur. They are well decorated with mango leaves and banana leaves, and flowers. Beautiful and big rangolis are drawn and special pujas are performed to Gods that include 'abhishekams' and 'archanas'. 

Panakam, a traditional liquid made by a mixture of jaggery and water, sometimes with pepper added, is distributed to devotees in the temples. Evenings at the temples, a mandatory hearing of the horoscope predictions for the new year as per the signs are announced at all the temples. Devotees listen them with devotion and get an understanding how their new year is going to be and prepare themselves accordingly.

Interesting Facts about Puthandu 

�It is believed that Lord Brahma, the Creator of this Universe as per Hindus, started his creation on this day.

�This festival coincides with the new year of people living in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos.

�This festival falls on April 14th of every year most of the time and marks the beginning of New Year as per Hindu calendar, which on completion of one cycle, repeat themselves.

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