Similarities between Flowers & Holi

Holi is a festival that is colorfully celebrated all across India. Even Indians staying outside their motherland do not miss this lively festival. Holi symbolizes love, joy and fun; it brings our families and friends together and strengthens our relationships.

Festivals of India have their own distinction and uniqueness. Diwali is known for lights, Sankranti is known for rangolis, Ganesh Chaturthi is known for its pompous celebration, Dussahera is known for its power of divinity. Similarly, Holi is known for colors. People play with colors - in powder form and in liquid form. Some people also play with flower petals on this beautiful day to stay eco friendly and skin friendly. 

Holi and Flowers

Holi and flowers have many beautiful things in common. They both symbolize love. They both impart freshness. They both invite joy and happiness. As we move ahead in this post, let's understand how Holi and flowers can be often compared and synonymized.

Relaxation for Soul

When we walk across a lane full of flowers that have just fallen due to fresh breeze, the feeling that our heart enjoys is just inexpressible. Similarly, when you play with Holi colors, we forget all our tensions and unleash the child that has been hidden in us. We laugh whole heartedly for that moment and spend amidst our friends and family kicking away all the tensions that have been haunting us till that moment.Thus, as Ralph Waldo Emerson said that the Earth laughs in flowers, our soul laughs relaxingly when we play Holi!

Symbolizes Hope

Holi symbolizes new hope. A new beginning. The season of spring that starts with Holi is a symbol of new beginning of a year. Similarly, a flower symbolizes hope. As lady Bird Johnson said that where flowers bloom, so does hope. Flowers are often best gifts to celebrate love, joy and happiness. They give hope and energy to the recipient and gets them keep going ahead.

Fun and Joy

The fun and joy that accompanies Holi is unbeatable. Dancing to the beats of Holi songs, playing with colors, getting together at bonfire with friends and family, enjoying Holi delicacies on a lavish platter, receiving lovable Holi special gifts from dear ones - All these make a bunch of good reasons for joy and happiness on Holi festival.On the other hand Oscar Wilde said that a flower blooms for its own joy. Don't we see a perfect rhythm and rhyme both in Flowers and Holi now??

Holi Traditions and Gifts

On the day of Holi, family and friends gather and play with colors, spend good time having fun and relaxation forgetting away all tensions and stress. They dance for evergreen Holi hit beats and enjoy to the fullest.

Late in the day a lavish lunch accompanies that has Holi special sweets such as Gujiya, Thandai, Motichoor Ladoo and main course with many specialties. The evening has Holika Dahan, a bonfire around which friends and family get together and burn the effigy of Holika as a mark of end of evil and victory of the good. 

It is a tradition to seek blessings from elders on Holi day. It is believed to give good luck and auspiciousness to the whole family too. Owing to this, Holi festival is known for the exchange of gifts among the near and dear. People choose gifts to their dear ones and give them gifts to them.

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Happy Gifting! Happy Holi!!

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